Founded in 1995, as Nehemiah Management & Consultants by owner Rodney Harris, NMC was at the forefront of bringing entertainment diversity to the Akron, Ohio area. In the early 90's, NMC established 'The Rodney Harris Comedy Jam'. This series of comedy concerts, which featured many now famous comedians, sold out high profile venues like Tangier, the Akron Civic and was the first concert held at John S. Knight Center. These concerts served as a vehicle to promote the comedians, but most importantly our city and our local sponsors.

January 2005, first airing as a morning show on Time Warner Cable, channel 23, we began The Akron Today Show  - ATS. Our focus then and still remains covering our city, its people, community activities and events. Our video division teamed with Bondage Breakers, Inc., a non-profit company, to teach "at risk" youth ages 8 to 18, television and video production skills. We've continually showcased local businesses, sports, civic events, entertainment and hometown heroes.

Fall of 2009, ATS was honored in lights and afforded the opportunity to televise from the world renowned Goodyear Blimp.

August 2010, ATS was invited to cover President Barack Obama's historic backyard visit to Columbus, Ohio. Nationally, we were one of only fifteen media outlets invited to cover this historic event. In addition, ATS has covered the NBA Draft in New York City, NY - 2010 to 2013, the NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement in Canton, Ohio - 2010 to 2022 and the NBA Finals - 2010 to 2013.

January 2018, Nehemiah Management & Consultants officially changed its name to Prime Universal Network, LLC. Prime Universal Network currently has offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Indianapolis, IN. We’ve added three new TV productions - Live 20, covering Pittsburgh and Indianapolis areas, Metro Game Day - covering sports and Praise & Glory - covering church events. 


In 2022, Prime Universal Network signed a distribution deal with Hisense TV, the third largest TV manufacturer in the world. Prime Universal’s positive content app will be distributed to over one hundred million TV sets worldwide. 


With over 85% of Americans now viewing local videos on their smartphones and over one hundred million on streaming devices, Prime Universal Network is positioning itself to become the leader in positive content and as a new media powerhouse!