The 2018 "Quips" Unleashed

1h 9min   |   Sports Movie  |  Producer Holly Hunter   Director Rodney Harris 

By the 1970’s, steel mills were at their height, but soon would take a downward turn in the coming decades. As employment began to wain, racial tensions began to escalate. In 2000, the final steel mill closed, leaving Aliquippa’s residential population at a mere 11,734. A mass exodus, of those financially fit, left this once booming town desolate, reeling in poverty. However, this same area still has a pulse, a sense of pride and determination by way of it’s youth! 

The Aliquippa High School Football Program has been that source of pride for the entire community! Known as “The Quips”, Aliquippa has been in the Pennsylvania State playoffs an astonishing twenty-three years straight! 


“Quips” Unleashed is the story of The 2018 Aliquippa Football Teams amazing season!